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Dick Allen: Baseball's Bartleby

Nobody in professional baseball Preferred Not To quite like Dick Allen. And like Melville's fictional Bartleby, Allen as well upended the lives of everyone around him in the process, causing all involved to question the assumed order of things for the first time. Read my article on Allen as Bartleby here. There are more similarities than one might suspect.

Dick Allen's Triumphant and Troubling Return to Philadelphia -- 1975

Most of the discussion surrounding Allen focuses on his initial tenure in Philadelphia (1963-69). Much less focus has been given, however, to his mid-Seventies return amid circumstances that were seemingly far different than those in which he left. Despite these purportedly changed circumstances, Allen departed Philadelphia in 1976 much as he had in 1969 – amid controversy and bad blood on both sides of the equation. This article focuses on Allen’s return to the Phillies and his abbreviated tenure with a club that was building toward greatness. Whether Allen ultimately contributed toward, or detracted from that greatness remains, like so much else regarding Dick Allen and the Phillies, subject to debate.