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The Happy Lawyer Handbook

Each year, thousands of men and women make a decision that will ultimately change not only the course but the quality of the rest of their lives: they decide to become lawyers. From the moment that thick congratulatory envelope arrives, welcoming them to law school, they begin their journey down a road they hope will lead them to a life of worth (both personal as well as financial) and self-satisfaction. Unfortunately, too often, this road leads instead to despair which oftentimes plummets to depths that eventually cause them to leave the practice of law or, more often, remain, resigned to spend the next 40 years of their lives working for people they do not like and on issues for which they have no interest. What's worse is that only once it is too late do they discover how and why their promising future vanished. The Happy Lawyer Handbook aspires to head off such downward career spirals before they begin.

Written for the current law student, as well as for those pondering this decision and recent grads, The Happy Lawyer Handbook provides insight into those practicalities of law practice that are perhaps not contemplated while in law school but which will very likely have an overwhelming effect on the entirety of a budding attorney's career. It is intended to encourage students to become more engaged in their own professional future; to think deeply, research carefully and plan meticulously such that they will ultimately achieve the immense personal and professional fulfillment that even in a fragile economy the practice of law can offer, but does not guarantee.

As The Happy Lawyer Handbook shows, even seemingly overwhelming student loan debt and a sluggish economy should not, and cannot, derail the young attorney’s quest for happiness in the workplace. With commonsense, and at times surprising, advice regarding the realities of managing personal debt and successfully navigating through an economic downturn, The Happy Lawyer Handbook guides young attorneys through the financial thicket and into the jobs of their dreams.